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Hampta Pass Trek with Chandratal

Himtrek's Riverside Camps and Hostel, Manali, Between Clubhouse and La Plage Restaurant, Old Manali, Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India
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Hampta Pass Trek with Chandratal

Himtrek's Riverside Camps and Hostel, Manali, Between Clubhouse and La Plage Restaurant, Old Manali, Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India
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Located in the Pir Panjal range of the Himalayas, Hampta Pass Trek is an extremely popular trek of Himachal Pradesh. The trek starts from everyone’s favorite scenic town of Manali and the beauty of lush green terrains unfolds as you proceed. The journey takes you through beautiful valleys, snow-capped mountains, and crystal-clear rivers.


People also call this trek the ‘Valley of Flowers’ of Himachal Pradesh. However, you get to see the fusion of both worlds in this trek as on the other hand lies the barren area with no vegetation, almost empty side of the Lauhaul area. The diverse landscape makes the experience more enriching and the steep climb fills the adrenaline pits of adventurers!

The crossover is of course dramatic, hence, a new opportunity to experience different landscapes in one trek. The trek also offers panoramic views of some of the highest Himalayan peaks like Indrasan, Deo Tibba, and Hanuman Tibba.

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The trek is beginner-friendly and can be attempted by first-time trekkers with some level of fitness and enthusiasm.

The beautiful campsites along the way, including the scenic Chandra Taal lake, add to the overall experience of the lake.

Let’s dive into some quick facts about this magnificent trek of Himachal Pradesh.

Quick Facts:

Region: Himachal Pradesh

Start/ End Point of the Trek: Manali Base Camp

Duration: 5D/4N

Trek Distance: 25 Km

Altitude: 14,107 ft.

Difficulty level: Moderate to Difficult

Temperature: Day (12°C to 20°C) and Night (-2°C to 6°C)

Best Time to do Hampta Pass Trek: May to October

Difficulty level of the trek?

The difficulty levels range from moderate to difficult. If you’re healthy and fit both physically and mentally, then you’re fit to attempt this trek. The trek comprises different terrains and is considered difficult as it has a considerable amount of ascent and descent. The trek, however, is a bit steep but doable.

Renting Equipment for the Trek?

Himtrek does provide easy accessibility to almost all types of equipment required for the trek on a rental basis with reasonable prices and extremely good quality. The equipment can be arranged on prior notice.

Hampta Pass Trek Height and Distance?

The highest altitude of this trek is 14,107 ft. and the total distance is 25km. The journey varies from colorful landscapes to barren lands, plain grasslands to steep climbs, which is what makes it more fun and challenging!

How to Reach Manali for Hampta Pass Trek?

By Air: The nearest airport to Manali is Bhuntar Airport. Keep a check on the flights from certain cities as these airports are well-connected and offer regular flights (especially from Delhi and Chandigarh) to Manali.

By Bus: Buses can be booked beforehand online through apps and website bookings. However, from Delhi, there are regular stops and buses depart regularly from ISBT. The tickets are quite reasonable and the journey is comfortable and safe.

By Train: Manali is well-connected with outer cities through railways as well and a lot of people use this as the way of their commute. Chandigarh Railway Station is the nearest train station to Manali. From there, you can board a local bus or private/public taxi.

4 Nights 5 Days Available on request

Kindly review the Terms and Conditions before proceeding with your booking.


  • Highlights of the ‘Valley of Flowers’ of Himachal Pradesh
  • As the name suggests, the terrain comprises the most awstrucking views of attractive and colorful landscapes. The scenic beauty is Instagram-worthy, and really paints a picture in your head!
  • The campsites are majorly loved by travelers and trekkers. The unique locations, large stretches of empty grasslands, and extremely raw exposure to nature are what make the campsite fulfilling and enjoyable to stay at.
  • The river crossing on the second day of the trek is another most-liked part of this trek. Every traveler is enthused to reach that point and experience the ever-cold and refreshing water running through their feet. People wait excitedly to reach this point as it oozes out screams of adventure and enthusiasm!
  • This trek offers the fusion of two worlds. One on hand, the kully valley is filled with colorful flowers and bounties of greenery. On the other hand, after climbing at further elevation towards Spiti valley,you’ll witness barren grasslands with almost no vegetation.
  • One word: Chandratal. This crescent shaped lake with crystal clear waters (depending on when you’re visiting) with a backdrop of lavender and grey mountains and an endless open sky stretching to as far as you can see is definitely going to take your breath away!
  • Trekking isn’t just a hobby sometimes, it makes you a strong and fun-loving person. Sometimes, it becomes your personality and unfolds the stories that you didn’t know you’d been living. Nature, traveling, trekking, befriending strangers, and facing harsh conditions together really counts for an experience. So, if this was something that blew your mind away, then you’re at the right place.

Pickup Point

Prini, Opposite White Stone Resort, Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India

Day 1: Drive from Manali to Jobra Village (2hrs); Trek To Chikka | 3-4 Hours Trek|

Once you arrive at Manali, you’ll be given a packed lunch, followed by an introduction to the superheroes of the trek, our guides! They’ll brief you about the trek and you’ll get the chance to clear your doubts and seek answers to your questions if any. The trek from Manali to Chikka is as divine as one could expect. Enjoy the constant switch between picturesque landscapes and explore the hidden beauty of Kullu Valley. The trail offers some stunning views of the mountains, including Hanuman Tibba and seven sisters peak. The trek will take approximately 2-4 hours to cover. Once you reach the campsite in Chikka, you can relax in your camps and loosen up the tiredness of the day. Hot sizzling dinner will be served to you in the night, endlessly beautiful views of the star-lit sky would be the cherry on the cake!

Day 2: Chika to Balu ka Ghera | 4-5 Hours Trek

Wake up to the mesmerizingly colorful views of the Chikka valley! Look around, soak in the beauty, and take a deep breath as what you’re about to witness next is magical! Get your stomachs filled with some strengthening but yummy breakfast at the campsite. Have some tea and buckle up your shoes for the next adventure that awaits you! The agenda on today’s to-do list would be to cover a distance of 9 km from Chikka to Balu Ka Gher, which would approximately take 4-5 hours. The journey might be draining energy-wise but soulfully, it’s the most enriching experience! The scenic beauty of the trail is enhanced by the presence of waterfalls, some rocky river banks, and beautiful Himalayan peaks. The rivers you’re going to cross are the highlight of this trek, which are indeed mind blowingly-chilly! So get ready to witness the actual adventure and soak your feet in ice-cold water! Fun, isn’t it? After non-stop hours of adventure and challenging trail, you’ll be welcomed by a colorful, not-so-crowded landscape at your campsite at Balu Ka Ghera. Get into your camps and maybe take a nap before dinner. End your day with stargazing, maybe an acoustic guitar-karaoke session and fuel up the energy for another adventurous day after you have your dinner.

Day 3: Balu ka Ghera to Sia and crossing Hampta Pass | 7-8 Hours Trek

What a morning! Opening your eyes, the first thing you see is the colorful landscape of Balu Ka Ghera. Heavenly indeed! But a traveler doesn’t stay in one place. So tidy up for the most challenging yet most enthusiastic day of your trek. The trek from Balu ka Gera to Shia Ghoru via Hampta Pass will take you around 9 hours to complete the journey while the distance of the trek remains 5 km The climb to Hampta Pass, the trail which you’ve been waiting for, is finally the next step in your journey! The climb is moderately steep and unfolds into a flat descent further toward Shia Ghoru. The pathway is exciting, full of challenges, and the perfect kick-off for an adrenaline junky! After an hour of walking by the river on your side, you’ll look back and realize you’ve left the river below! Don’t forget to notice the colorful small flowers in the grass you’re walking on! By now you must have understood why this trek is called the ‘Valley of Flowers’ of Himachal Pradesh. The climb gets more intense as you proceed and after reaching the first plateau is where you’ll also witness Deo Tibba peak, one of the highest Himalayan peaks. Now only after a couple of hours(or less) of trekking and witnessing diverse descents, you’ll finally climb Hampta Pass. Get your win captured and celebrate the joy, but not so much since you still have to trek down to Shea Ghoru. The path to Shea Ghoru is comparatively easy and you’ll reach your destination with no hassles. Once you reach there, check in to your camps and treat yourself to a hefty dinner.

Day 4: Sia Ghoru to Chatru, Drive to Chandratal and return Chatru | 3-4 Hours Trek

Good Morning to you! Treat yourself to some delicious breakfast and get ready to enjoy your trek followed by a beautiful drive! Since the descents get risky and tiring by now. This part of your journey will take approximately 2 to 2.5 hours to cover before you finally hit the road again for your drive. After you reach Chatru, you’ll be asked to drop your luggage in your assigned tents, and from here, you’ll begin your journey toward the majestic Chandrataal lake. Once you reach Chandratal lake or the ‘Moon Lake’ due to its crescent shape), you’ll notice a change of scenery and witness the picturesque landscape which is home to a variety of flora and fauna, including wildflowers and marmots. After that you'll head back to Chatru, you’ll be checked into your designated camps. Chhatru offers a great camping site and makes the overnight stay quite mesmerizing. So, get well-rested after your dinner and get ready to bid farewell to these landscapes the next day!

Day 5: Drive from Chatru to Manali Via Atal Tunnel and back to Manali Base Camp

You’ll be leaving at 8 am from Chatru after your breakfast, heading to the Manali basecamp. Now is your time to relax and sit back for 5 long hours and enjoy the charismatic views of the mountains. The drive lets you paint the canvases of nature in your head! The further we go, the more beautiful it gets The views may be beautiful, but the roads here are bumpy and dusty, so buckle up real tight and enjoy the adventurous jeep ride. This is where your beautiful journey ends, sadly, but take a moment to soak in your whole experience and give a hurrah in the air!"

  • "What we'll give. What we won't
  • Accommodation on sharing basis.
  • All Meals (Veg), Including lunch from the 1st day to Breakfast on the 5th Day.
  • Well Qualified Trek Leader.
  • Supporting Staff and cook.
  • Forest Permits.
  • Basic Medical Kit.
  • Accommodation on Tent Stay.
  • Camping and Trekking Equipment (Tent, Sleeping bags, Gaiters, Microspikes etc).
  • Transportation ( Manali To Jobra Village, Chandratal To Manali)
  • Anything which is not included in the above inclusion.
  • Porters or Mule to carry your personal Luggage.
  • Any kind of Personal Expenses.
  • Personal Medication.


4 Nights 5 Days

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Himtrek's Riverside Camps and Hostel, Manali, Between Clubhouse and La Plage Restaurant, Old Manali, Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India
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